Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

Can We Talk About Race?


Dr Tatum auditorium long view

A thought-leader in higher education on race and inclusion.

Dr. Tatum is committed to starting difficult conversations to help solve problems and build community. As a leading voice on race and racism, she is often invited to speak to student and faculty groups, industry associations, corporate employee meetings and leadership groups to discuss how to engage their communities in discussions on race and what it will take to close the equity gaps now and in the future. Her preferred speaking format is a fireside chat that allows for the conversation to be tailored to the audience and encourage both a dynamic event and audience participation.

Popular themes and topics include:

  • Conversations on Race and Racism
  • Closing the Empathy Gap: Community Building Through Dialogue
  • The ABC’s of Inclusive Leadership
  • Breaking the Silence: Embracing Cross-Racial Dialogue


TED Talks and More


Thank you for your interest in contacting Dr. Tatum. She is currently accepting a limited number of speaking engagements. A moderated conversation is her preferred format.

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